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I wish this year could be the best year ever for me, and all of you too... I wish the decision is mine! I wish I could turn the tables! I wish I could stop the time!

Shopping Spree in Bandung 11-14 Dec 08

Every time I go somewhere, Mom always said, she never been to Bandung, let's go to Bandung, people said Bandung is good for shopping, this and that… It's annoying me! Some more she only wants to go during school holiday. I don't want to disappoint her. She has been disappointed a lot, especially by me. I want to make her happy, no matter what it takes, I will try to makes her happy.

I made the booking in May 2008 but still couldn’t get the cheapest AA rate. But all of them are happy with the booking. I browsing internet to get cheapest hotel and also transport for the tour. Manage to get Hotel Cemerlang, which is very near to Pasar Baru and transport from Amirseun which only cost me less IDR500k/day inclusive of petrol and driver.

The 1st day...

My flight to Bandung is in the morning, 0950hrs. So I have to depart from house before 0700hrs. When I reached mom's place, everybody are ready to go... My dad drove four of us to LCCT. Reached airport by 0800hrs and we have plent…

Eid Mubarak!