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Once upon a time, there is a lady stop-by at Hyde Park in London and talking to herself...

I can walk around from one place to another, from one shopping center to another, alone in a big city like Jakarta, but I’m not allowed to do it in Kuala Lumpur. I just want to go shopping.
Why not?

I want to see Air Supply “From The Heart” World Tour 2008, LIVE in Malaysia. 22 June, 8:00pm @ Arena Of Stars, Genting Highland.
Can I?

I want to change my car. But I don’t know what car to choose nor should I change now, can I get better price if I wait further.

I want to change my handbag, but “rambang mata”. There are too many selections, too many varieties.

Tomorrow is a holiday. The planning to go shopping is still suspended till I got any of my sisters to accompanying me. I can spend more time with Owen. I need my father to come to my house to do some drilling thing on the wall. Few things I’ve bought not been put up yet. I’m going to meet my friend Gowri on Sunday at Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
It's my birthday today. I was waited for the call last night but it seems that the one forgot about it. Every year, I will received the call at 12:05am. That's the time I was born. And until now still no wishes from the one. I received sms from my buddy Gowri last night at 12:00am, sms from my sister Angah, wishes from my colleagues Mimi, LSF, AK and Tiara (thanks for the gift). Then the Hphone ring, said sends sms but I didn’t receive it. It’s HPhone and the telecommunication provider's mistake. Only that, no sorry. Why can't just say sorry. Is it so hard to say sorry?

Jakarta 22-25 May 08

I was in Jakarta from 22-25 May 2008. I’m staying in Kartika Chandra at Jalan Gatot Subroto, next to Planet Hollywood. Most of the hotels are fully booked due to some international conferences that happened during that period. It was only a shopping holiday for me. Jakarta was the busiest city in Indonesia by day and night, with huge and beautiful shopping centers that offers from ethnic to modern and luxury collections, with modern skyscrapers and modern residential buildings. It has change a lot. The first time I step in Grand Indonesia Mall, I was amazed. Then I went to Senayan City, it’s mesmerized me.

My first meal in Jakarta.. everytime I came to Jakarta, this is a must! This one tapau into my room.
Lobby HotelThis character is next to my room... guardian kot.
View from my room, as you can see Bluebird taxi is in que..

I met my friends from, Mbak H4pp1, Vee & Hubby & Kids, Mimi & Partner, Satyo & Friend & Arini & Hubby. We had d…


I love shoes, shoe shopping is a therapy. Buying a new pair of shoes for yourself can also make you feel good. The latest I bought are 1 pair best buy shoes at Hush Puppies, 2 pairs shoes 70% sale at Parkson Pavillion and 3 pairs shoes/sandals from Scholl Warehouse sale (I gave one sandal to my mom).


It has been long I didn't blog. The last was about Owen going to vet. Here are some of the photos of him after castration. Everywhere he wants to sleep. I let him sleep on me.. so syok!!
It looks swollen.

He slept on my feet.
He slept on my body.
Here are some photos after a month or two...
So cute, very manja...