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Kenapa ya, rasa sedih sangat!! Rasa sebak nak meninggalkan office..

Untuk Azian, selamat bekerja ditempat baru & semoga success dan gembira sentiasa...

i'm counting the days!! Tak sabar rasanya nak jadi Tetamu Allah... Persediaan, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.. InshaAllah, mana yang termampu... I'm still in the process of learning. Learning should never stop, every moment of every day! ONLY CHANGE WITH AGE AND INTERESTS... I'll be off for two weeks for a "journey" - KLIA - Dubai - Jeddah - Madinah - Mecca - Jeddah - Dubai - KLIA as from May 26th - June 9th, 2005.. Assalamualaikum!!

birthday month..

It’s not my birthday yet, but in my office, we usually have a birthday celebration every month and yesterday were the celebration for month of May. Every year, it’s only me who celebrate birthday in May but unfortunately since last year, I have to celebrate together with KK. Since nobody like her (98% from everybody) in my office, they (the 98%) inclusive mrs amie and mimi, plan not to sing for her. So, when the song goes, “Happy Birthday to … (of coz me)”, they don’t want to mention her name… but luckily her boss pity her, and call her name… and you can imagine a voice from only 1 person mention her name outloud… Kesian dia! But that’s what happen when you trying to be the air-cond (berapa horse power??...) in the office and always cari pasal with everybody… I think she got a lot of problems and no life, that’s why always want to fight with people (colleagues, supplier or even customer).


Analysis - McLaren come good
Meanwhile, Renault still strong, Toyota still improving
A victory for McLaren was no surprise after the speed the MP4-20 has been showing all season. Initially it came not in qualifying but late in races, but as Kimi Räikkönen proved in Imola, the car is now the class of the field as far as speed is concerned. In Barcelona it had the reliability to match and it proves to be unbeatable.(formula1)

my new luvable gadget

HP iPaq rx3715, leka kalau dah pegang my new baby ni.. i'm posting from my iPaq [from office] - my office wireless ...